Flute performance

‘All absolutely beautiful’

‘He plays the flute so very well’

‘The most enjoyable day I have had here in 25 years’

‘Much to enjoy’

‘Superb sound’


‘That was amazing’

‘Really knows what he wants to do with his playing and he does it’

‘Ganz toll – Sie haben eine echte Fangemeinde in Deutschland’

‘That really is top end playing’

‘Playing very nicely’


‘Coming down the corridor, late, I couldn’t believe the audience’s roaring belly-laugh I heard outside the auditorium’

‘Superb, as ever’

‘Very interesting and very funny’

‘Superb history brought to life’

‘Never known such a good speaker, who then just picks up a musical instrument and plays it’

‘C’était vraiment une superbe conférence’

‘All absolutely first class’

‘Makes his subjects simple and rivetting’